Monday, January 18, 2010

What is the best cover scent for deer hunting?

Find a copy of the September 2007 issue of Field and Stream magazine. You may have to go to your local library and look at the back issues. On page 50 in the section labeled Sportsman's Notebook, you will find recipes for 5 different cover scents that you can make at home.What is the best cover scent for deer hunting?
Ok, first of all, don't waste your money on all of the so-called scent containing clothes. They're very expensive and may work to some degree, but there's no substitute for playing the wind and using your surroundings for cover scent. If you're hunting an area with cattle, step in cow crap and (this is going to sound disgusting, but it works) maybe even use some of the dried out crap to rub on your arms and legs. If your hunting in cedars, rub some or carry some cedars on you, etc... Really pay attention to what the deer are smelling on an every day basis and use it. The one product you can buy that does work is coon piss and it's inexpensive. What is the best cover scent for deer hunting?
well you can experiment with a variety of things. I personally don't spend money on scent covers and crap like that. try keeping your hunting clothes in a brush pile outside for a few days before your hunting trip. don't smoke cigarettes or cigars or a pipe or marijuana or crack cocaine before, during or even after a hunt because it smells and is not good for you anyway. If you chew tobacco, switch to straight or regular flavor during hunting season, a little chew spit probably wont mess things up for you, but stay away from the minty chews and gums. try to remember that you are in the deers habitat, and they know right away that something is not right if they get a whiff of something that is not normally found where they live. Happy hunting.
The best scent is no scent. That is very difficult to accomplish. Try a product called Dead Down Wind. It is in an orange bottle and you can get it from Cabelas. I never used cover scents because I believed they were a waste of time. I changed my mind after using that product. It eliminates scent, just like it claims. Instead of adding a foreign scent like urine, earth scent, etc.., it makes you scent free.
a no-scent soap for yourself...I usually wash my clothes in no-scent soap,then put them in a big plastic bag with dirt,leaves,etc.from my land I'm hunting...I have used the fresh earth scent waffers from time to time,but that's about it. Just don't smoke,etc.or do anything out of character with the area you're hunting. Deer arent stupid, they know if what they're smelling is foreign or not,and will have their guard up(or tail up, in this case!)...good hunting.
Best cover scent to buy is fox piss. Everything else is just a waste of money.

If if you're ground, just scrape the leaves from the base of the tree which gives a earth scent for hours.
Tinks brand deer estrus...and try the scent bombs with your favorite Tinks brand cover...Tinks is definitly the best cover scent on the market
sometimes i buy some scent away at walmart and spray on but you should be succesful in getting a deer without.
Never used or needed any to be successful when hunting Deer.*
The best scent is NO scent

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